Photo Sessions

There are many different types of portraits and there are many different reasons for taking photographs -birthdays, graduations, engagements, portfolios for actors, models, make-up artists, family shots, new born babies, 'baby bumps'...

Sessions are tailored to meet your needs. We like to get to know you and invest the time needed to capture the images you want. Unlike some photographers we do not limit the number of images we take and there are no specific time limits. Sessions usually last one or two hours depending on the location and what you want. We'll simply do our best to give you the best images.

Photo sessions take place in a studio located in Chester. They can also take place in the comfort of your own home or at a suitable location - this could be your garden, a park, a beach, the local countryside or a place that is special or significant to you.

Portraits taken on location are a great way to capture 'lifestyle' images. Please note, locations further afield may be subject to a higher fee due to travelling expenses. Regardless of where the session takes place, it is always carried out in a professional, relaxed and friendly manner.

Wear clothing you are comfortable in. If you are uncomfortable, it will show in the pictures. If you plan to have photos of the family group – it’s good if they are wearing similar clothing e.g. jeans and white t-shirts, jeans and black t-shirts or complimentary coloured tops. Clothing should be simple and plain where possible. The portrait is of you and your clothing should not be a distraction.

You may wish to include some personal items which reflect your personality. Props/costumes people have used in the past include: football scarves, football kits, teddy bears, fairy outfits, guitars and other musical instruments, Christmas hats….

Children may want to bring a favourite toy or a favourite costume e.g. Spiderman, fairy or Buzz Light-Year. We do not limit the amount of changes of clothing you can bring along, but would suggest that more than three or four changes would mean you’ll spend more time changing than having your photos taken!

All photos are available in colour, black and white or sepia at no extra charge.
If you require, we can digitally remove any scars, birthmarks or rashes in the post production process. Images can also be 'airbrushed' to soften skin.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.